• FV40 1st Helen Beck
  • FV40 2nd Sarah Shanks
  • FV45 1st Claire Hern
  • FV45 2nd Nicola Thomson
  • FV50 1st Amanda Spencer
  • FV50 2nd Theresa Oldroyd
  • FV55 1st Bridget Coomber
  • FV55 2nd Dawn Broom
  • FV60 1st Gill Boynton
  • FV60 2nd Kathryn Dickinson
  • FV65 1st Jane Holmes
  • FV65 2nd
  • FV70 1st
  • FV70 2nd

Cash Prizes go to all our Age Category Winners

Thanks to our Sponsors – Priory Vodka for all the extra prizes in this years TAD 10


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