MV40 1st – Shane Grace

MV40 2nd – Ben Holmes

MV45 1st – Stewart Knowles

MV45 2nd – Dave Foyston

MV50 1st – Martin Fillingham

MV50 2nd – David Smithers

MV55 1st – Richard Walker

MV55 2nd – Andy Todd

MV60 1st – David I’Anson

MV60 2nd – Simon Watson

MV65 1st – Gary Doubtfire

MV65 2nd – Christopher Inman

MV70 1st – Christopher Gibson

MV70 2nd – David Womersley

In addition to the Cash Prizes for all our Age Group winners at this year’s Tad 10, there were some special gifts courtesy of our sponsors Priory Vodka…



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