This year we have teamed up with Yorkshire Flapjack to offer all our runners a tasty post race treat – something to look forward to when you get to about the 7 mile marker… This is no ordinary flapjack – this is the best I could find – and I had to sample a lot of bars – sometimes the role of a race organiser is not easy….

They will be offering a full range of their products at the finish line – visit their website for an idea of what might be in store for you at the end of the race. We’ll also send you out a discount code so you can try out some more – as sometimes one bar just isn’t enough…..

Visit Yorkshire Flapjack for more info and to see a full range of their products. Check out some of their award winning flavours – from stem ginger, cherry & almond, autumn spice and billionaires flapjack to name a few – there is something for everyone.

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