As promised if we got over 500 entries this year we would be increasing the cash prize list. So the male and female overall winners will now receive £100 plus there are now prizes for the Top 5 finishers.

The new prize list is as follows:

Male 1st / Female 1st£100
Male 2nd / Female 2nd£75
Male 3rd / Female 3rd£50
Male 4th / Female 4th£30
Male 5th / Female 5th£20
MV40 1st / FV40 1st£25
MV40 2nd / FV40 2nd£10
MV50 1st / FV50 1st£25
MV50 2nd / FV50 2nd£10
MV60 1st / FV60 1st£25
MV60 2nd / FV60 2nd£10

See the prizes tab for more details

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